Online Vegan Cooking Class

online cooking class

Looking for fun online recreational activities to boost your teams wellbeing and productivity? Look no further! This Online Vegan Cooking Class is what you need. Especially if you’re not vegan.

Our activities are first of all fun, delicious and communal, being environmentally friendly, sustainable, ethical, climate-friendly, physical and mental health-promoting, ways to learn something new and enjoy a good time with you team or friends. The cooking class is live streamed, so you’ll be in real interaction with your teacher and colleagues. Since location isn’t an issue, our online vegan cooking class is perfect for international teams too. Special diets are taken into account in the course planning. We can accommodate 4-800 home cooks in one session.

You are warmly welcome to our online vegan kitchen, whether you follow a mixed diet, eat plant based or whatever in between!


 Ruokailo is Finnish and translates to ”Food Joy”.


Our Customers Tell

”The food was really tasty and Charlotta was wonderfully positive, helpful and above all professional.”

”This was a really great and refreshing thing that gave a lot to an omnivore, who would like to eat more vegan.”

“Many online activities seem to leave the participant in a rather passive and satellite-like role, but when cooking, it felt like we were really cooking together – this was a really positive thing!”

“All participants were well taken into account and what professional teacher, yes!”

The overall grade of the class is 4.5 / 5.0 (based on the average of the feedback given by more than 100 people on a scale of 1 = poor, 5 = excellent). 100% of those who gave feedback would recommend the course to others as well.

Request an offer, ask anything – We're happy to help!

    Kasvipohjaisen ruoan ja ravitsemuksen asiantuntija.

    Information on our Online Vegan Cooking Class

    Cooking course structure:

    1. Gathering and presentation. A short theoretical part, where we get acquainted with special ingredients, and how to cook them.
    2. Cooking under guidance of our teacher. We cook a 2-3 course meal according to agreement.
    3. Presentation of cooked meals. Teacher leaves.
    4. Online dining between your team, if you wish

    What’s included in the online cooking class?

    • Menu, grocery list, recipes, sommeliers drink pairings and list of kitchen utensils needed
      • Delivered to participants one week before the course starts
      • Raw materials can be found in regular grocery stores
      • The necessary kitchen utensils can be found in a regular home kitchen or can be improvised
    • The cooking course itself
      • Duration about 1-2 hours, according to agreement
    • Comprehensive recipe booklet (68 pages)
      • Participants receive an e-book in pdf format, which will be delivered by email after the online event
      • It contains information on the special ingredients used in the recipes, as well as more than 30 recipes, including those cooked during the class




    Participants have the opportunity to ask the course teacher anything related to nutrition, food production or vegan cooking during, and after the course via email.

    The event is hosted by nutritionist (M.Sc.) Charlotta Hyttinen, or vegan chef Mari Lahdenperä. You can trust the information shared is evidence based, reliable and up-to-date.

    Online vegan cooking class starting from 650 € + VAT for groups of max 10 persons.

    Q&A about online vegan cooking classes


    Do I need to be vegan to participate?

    Definitely no. Our classes welcome everyone, regardless of diet: mixed eaters, lacto-ovo-vegetarians, vegans all in between. We are very happy for anyone who wants to learn about delicious plant based food.

    Are all virtual cooking classes and materials 100% plant-based?

    Yes. Food Joy is a vegan company and thus all the products and services we offer are also completely plant based. 95% of our customers are omnivores.

    Are special diets taken into account?

    Yes. Our online vegan courses are well suited for people with a nut allergy or a pregnancy diet, for example. We also include gluten-free modifications of all of our recipes. In addition, all courses are lactose-free, dairy-free and without egg or fish. We take into account the possible special diets of the participants when planning your event.

    Do I need to be an experienced cook to attend the virtual cooking class?

    By no means. All entry levels are taken into account and during a virtual class we progress according to the slowest. The course is meant for learning, with a relaxed vibe and not taken too seriously even if you food doesn’t turn out quite like in MasterChef. 🙂

    Where is the virtual cooking course held?

    As this is a remote service. The course takes place in the participants’ own kitchens, or anywhere with a stove, oven and a working internet connection. The smaller the group involved, the more interactive course you will receive. It’s possible to divide large groups of participants into smaller ”remote rooms” for dining together.

    What is cooked in an online cooking course?

    We cook a 2-3 course meal from our recipe e-book Colourful Week. The recipes are handpicked by our team to make sure that all ingredients can be found in regular or medium-large grocery stores in the participants home countries. We use various sources of plant protein and you’ll learn the basics of plant-based cooking. In addition, we offer online theoretical lectures and talks on vegan cooking (especially suitable for caterers), and lectures on nutrition.

    Who is a vegan remote cooking class for?

    It’s suitable for a team, a group of friends, from work or hobbies. For organisations, associations, and companies. The participant can be a young or old, a novice home cook or a foodie who has been cooking vegan food for some time. Anyone living in the same household with the actual participant is welcome to join free of charge.

    How big a group can participate in a virtual cooking class?

    The course can be attended alone, but we recommend it primarily for a group of 4-800 people.

    What kind of events are online cooking classes suitable for?

    They are suitable for any free-form events or even as training for food service professionals. Here are examples of events where we have held a vegan live cooking classes: Environmental week, wellness day, training day, recreational day, team day, training event, social gatherings, member event, bachelorette party and company Christmas party.

    virtual cooking class
    Food Joys online vegan cooking course is a fun and communal activity for online recreational activities. Great for international teams!

    Let’s coog and dine together – but from a distance. Hope to see you soon!

    Do you have further questions? We’re happy to help. You can reach us on weekdays at +358 40 769 0366 (office hours, EET/EEST) or by e-mail